Global Chemical distribution, strategic advisory and market research consultancy

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CreatE Understanding

What makes He-Ro great

  • Our long commercial and technical experience in the chemical industry in Asia/Pacific, enables us to leverage off a vast network of expertise, resulting in business insights unrivalled in the industry.
  • We possess the talent and know-how to help our customers find the right information they need to excel in their strategic and operational objectives.
  • We provide genuine value adding insights along all major chemical value chains and  downstream market segments; for example in areas like electronics, consumer goods, life sciences, construction, industrial machinery, automotive and agriculture.
  • We conduct over 100 strategic advisory projects per year, helping our clients reap tangible improvements in bottom-line and top-line results.

How He-Ro can support you

We are chemical industry specialists that follow a simple principle: We believe in a research approach that ensures adherence to highest compliance expectations and we aim to generate relevant and pragmatic insights that can lead to immediate business gains for our customers. The He-Ro tradition is, ‘Give Good Advice and Make Your Customer Happy’.

  • Shaping strategic decisions – We help top decision makers in organisations tackle key issues, either via short-term engagements like high-impact workshops and sounding board advisory, or through more strategic approaches like identifying and qualifying potential strategic partners such as joint ventures or M&A engagements.

  • Demystifying markets – We create transparency along the value chain for our customers, shedding light on target markets and activities therein, providing the baseline for a successful market battle plan, describing the true market potential and attractiveness in order to shape market entry, defence or growth strategies.

  • Performing operational business support – We act as the corporate concierge to our customers, who often aim to outsource activities to us that they don’t consider core to their operations or don’t have the resources and capabilities to develop as specific focus areas.

  • GMP auditing – We employ staff with specific GMP qualifications to conduct audits.

  • Product & technology sourcing – We help our customers audit their chemical suppliers, find new suppliers and develop the right digital channel for them. We also understand chemical reactions and production processes and can advise on technology improvements and best practices.

  • Technical & environmental audits – We perform audits to assess the technological and ecological footprint of chemical and related factories. We identify gaps and develop recommendations for improvement.

  • Information database support – We provide data collection and analyses tasks, such as developing comprehensive import and export, supply and demand balances for customised product lines.

  • Toll manufacturing design, setup and execution – We help SMEs in the fine chemical and nutraceutical industry set up businesses in Asia Pacific, organising their market entry, finding talents, developing customer relationship and coordinating product and information flows.