Global Chemical distribution, strategic advisory and market research consultancy

He-Ro Chemicals


We are a global distribution and strategic advisory provider focusing on Asia's chemical industry.



He-Ro Chemicals is a global market leader in distribution, procurement and strategic advisory services for companies active along the chemical value chain. Through our team of seasoned industry veterans we are able to apply our unparalleled knowledge, suite of tools and methodologies to ensure your business meets its goals.

For over 30 years, we have served many of the largest and most successful chemical industry organisations with a full suite of service offerings, making us THE corporate concierge for customers that value integrity and flexibility. Our customers benefit from the practicality and simplicity of our solutions, which create real and measurable benefits for their business.

By leveraging our global setup, with deep roots in the growth markets of Asia/Pacific and established strongholds in Europe and the US, He-Ro Chemicals is able to provide high quality distribution and strategic advisory services across the chemical landscape, from basic upstream commodities to downstream specialities to final end user applications.



What We Do



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Move Goods

“To deliver chemicals according to your needs”

We possess decades of hands-on experience you can rely on in distribution and advanced logistics services world-wide, covering a broad range of speciality chemicals.

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Create Understanding

“To provide market insights that add real value to your business”

We help our customers better understand their target markets and products and provide insights and strategic advice in areas such as sourcing, manufacturing and selling in a competitive environment.

Nurture Talents

“To develop people that enhance your organisation”

People and talent management are vital for all businesses, and we provide extensive recruitment, training and development solutions to our customers as part of our service portfolio.


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