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Nurture Talents



Nurture Talents

What makes He-Ro great

  • The majority of future business success in our focus industries is shaped, and increasingly decided, in Asia/Pacific. Hence, companies are increasingly focused on further developing and enhancing their footprint in these growth markets. However, many companies also realise that just being present and growing headcount is not enough to satisfy business objectives. It’s about developing teams and resources efficiently, and developing key talent for future C-Level roles based both, in and out of Asia/Pacific.
  • We understand this need and have developed services catering to our customer's desire to attract, employ and develop the backbone of their success. THEIR employees. 
  • Since our inception, we have developed thousands of expert contacts in the chemical and related industries that we can tap into, to help our customers nurture their own talent in Asia Pacific.
  • We are not a broad based HR firm, but rather a specialised solution provide focusing on the chemical and related industries

How He-Ro can support you

While every company needs talent, such talent is difficult to acquire. It is even more difficult to keep and develop. He-Ro Chemicals can help with both aspects because we understand the chemical and related industries and the specific needs for employees that derive from those industries.

  • Acquiring talent – Our specialised team, based in China, possess required HR licenses, and assist our clients to find and hire mid-level and senior level management for PRC and Asian employment. We have helped clients staff their production sites, R&D centres, and other facilities in Asia/Pacific. We know how to find the right talent for our customers in Greater China, especially in a market where finding and keeping good talent is more complex and frustrating than in other parts of the world.
  • Developing talent – As the global chemical and downstream industries became more sophisticated, our customers focus more and more on the development of internal capabilities in order to improve their operations and to develop and maintain the brightest talent. We provide various training and coaching programs to help our customers advance their skill sets.